Here at [Blush Wedding DJs] we realise the importance of tailoring all aspects of your wedding day to your personal tastes- from music to equipment setup, to schedule. Our wedding DJs are very experienced and dedicated to doing just that- helping you put together a wedding day that is uniquely yours.

Once you have contacted us with your requirements, we will select the best wedding party DJ in London who matches your needs, and they will talk in depth with you about your vision for your ideal wedding ceremony.

No two wedding ceremonies are ever the same- our DJs design each one specially to match the requirements and tastes of the happy couple. They will personalise the whole event to your tastes, from music to your needs and equipment customised to your preferences, and use their expertise and knowledge to put together a special day for all present.

Wedding Itinerary

Our wedding DJs bring with them 9 pages of key details for planning your wedding, and will work to ensure nothing is forgotten and everything runs on time on the big day.

You won’t have to worry about reminding the DJ to make any announcements or carry out any particular procedure on your wedding day. They will have the entire timeline to hand and will take full responsibility for the organisation and handling of the schedule. There will be no stress on your side- so relax and yourselves while the DJ manages the event organisation! They have earned their reputation as the best wedding party DJs in London.

You can agree with your DJ beforehand regarding the style and manner of the announcements, i.e. humorous, formal etc. Your DJ will also make sure they have all details such as mothers, fathers, bridesmaids and best man announcements.

Your Personal Touch

All aspects of your wedding day will be imbued with a personal touch so the whole celebrations feel unique to your personalities. This includes:

  • Wedding itinerary- the schedule will follow your personal layout.
  • The music for the whole celebration- both for the party and background music.
  • The equipment and décor used- depending on your preferences the equipment can be either exposed or covered with white or black star cloths, while you can pick the type of lighting, and the colour and design of the dancefloor.
  • Extra features including images to be projected during the celebrations and disco, UV lighting, strobes, mirror balls, smoke machines, foam and bubble machines etc. to enhance the atmosphere.
  • The opportunity to hire special wedding party performers, i.e. entertainers, comedians, magicians, singers, musicians and party dancers.
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